Alation Data Quality Initiative: All You Need to Know

Businessman checking data quality with the Alation Data Quality Initiative.

Have you heard about the new industry initiative to improve data quality? It’s called the Alation Data Quality Initiative, and it aims to bring together the best features of the industry’s biggest players. The goal is to let customers integrate the best data quality tools from multiple companies in a straightforward and easy-to-use fashion –…

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How to Build a Framework for Data Governance

A strong data governance framework can be the difference between success and failure in today’s business world.

Good data is the lifeblood of your organization. As data volume continues to rise, your ability to manage it could increasingly spell the difference between success and failure. Data governance is a framework that helps businesses ensure that they’re managing their data efficiently and effectively. Data governance encompasses all the people, processes, and technology that…

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All You Need to Know About Anomaly Detection

One red egg in a field of white eggs, illustrating anomaly detection.

Maintaining data quality is important to any organization. One effective way to improve the quality of your firm’s data is to employ anomaly detection. This technique identifies data outliers that are likely to be irrelevant or inaccurate.  Understanding how anomaly detection works can help you improve your company’s overall data quality – and provide more…

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12 Top Data Governance Tools & Software for 2023

A magnifying glass looks at bits of data as a kind of data governance tool.

Is your organization looking to employ new data governance tools in the coming year? Data governance is necessary to ensure the accurate and reliable information your company needs to make the best possible business decisions. When you want robust data governance, here are 10 top-rated software solutions to consider, all of which can help your…

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15 Data Catalog Tools & Software to Use in 2023 

A toolbox filled with data catalog tools.

Managing your organization’s data catalog is challenging. You need robust data catalog tools to ingest data from multiple sources, monitor data quality, and provide actionable insights.  What data catalog tools and software should your organization use? Read on to discover 12 tools that will help you better manage your data and get the most use…

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Data Integrity: The Last Mile Problem of Data Observability

Data Integrity

Data quality issues have been a long-standing challenge for data-driven organizations. Even with significant investments, the trustworthiness of data in most organizations is questionable at best. Gartner reports that companies lose an average of $14 million per year due to poor data quality.  Data observability has been all the rage in data management circles for a…

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Strategies for Achieving Data Quality in the Cloud

Data Quality in the Cloud

Previously published in You’ve finally moved to the Cloud. Congratulations! But now that your data is in the Cloud, can you trust it?  With more and more applications moving to the cloud, the quality of data is becoming a growing concern. Erroneous data can cause all sorts of problems for businesses, including decreased efficiency,…

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Why do Data Quality Programs Fail?

Data Quality Programs

Fortune 1000 organizations spend approximately $5 billion each year to improve the trustworthiness of data. Yet only 42 percent of the executives trust their data. According to multiple surveys, executives across industries do not completely trust the data in their organization for accurate, timely business critical decision-making. In addition, organizations routinely incur operational losses, regulatory…

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