How to automate continuous Data Trustability for Cloudera Data Lake

Angsuman Dutta, CTO, FirstEigen, Chicago, IL, USA  Kenton Troy Davis, Manager Partner Solutions Engineering, Cloudera, Washington DC, USA  In today’s digital economy, data is arguably the most valuable asset for businesses. The phrase “data is the new oil” has grown from being a catchphrase to a reality that many companies have embraced. However, as with…

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Data Trust Scores and Circuit Breakers: Powering Data Pipeline Integrity

Digital image representing Informatica data quality.

Data Pipeline Circuit Breakers: Ensuring Data Trust with Unity Catalog  In the fast-paced world of data-driven decision-making, the integrity and reliability of your data are paramount. Data pipelines play a pivotal role in ensuring that data flows smoothly from source to destination, facilitating accurate analytics and informed decision-making. However, even the most robust data pipelines…

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Benefits of Complementing Informatica with a Data Quality Add-On

Green quality key on a keyboard symbolizing Informatica data quality.

How important is data quality to your organization? Accurate, reliable data is imperative for smooth operations and informed business decisions. If your business uses Informatica for data integration, you may find its built-in data quality management tools lacking in both effectiveness and ease of use. To obtain more accurate data with less technical effort, consider…

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Data Integration: Challenges, Best Practices, and Tools

Data servers preparing for data integration.

How well does your organization integrate data from multiple sources? Effective data integration is critical to turning raw data into actionable insights. You need a data integration solution that takes data disparate, often incompatible sources, monitors its data quality, and stores that data in an easily accessible format that everyone in your organization can use.…

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Data Ingestion: Pipelines, Frameworks, and Process Flows

Abstract data being ingested into a vortex.

Do you know how data is ingested into a system? Can you distinguish between a data pipeline, data framework, and data process flow? Like all organizations, yours relies heavily on data to inform its operating and strategic decision-making. So, you need to know as much as possible about the data that flows into and is…

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The Ins and Outs of Databricks Data Quality and Validation

A pixelated data lake representing Databricks data quality.

Does your organization use Databricks? If so, how familiar are you with Databricks’ data quality and validation features? Do you know how you can augment those built-in features with more robust Data Trustability/Quality monitoring from third-party providers like FirstEigen?  Databricks is a popular cloud-based data storage solution used by numerous companies worldwide. Like many similar…

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Alation Data Quality Initiative: All You Need to Know

Businessman checking data quality with the Alation Data Quality Initiative.

Have you heard about the new industry initiative to improve data quality? It’s called the Alation Data Quality Initiative, and it aims to bring together the best features of the industry’s biggest players. The goal is to let customers integrate the best data quality tools from multiple companies in a straightforward and easy-to-use fashion –…

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How to Build a Framework for Data Governance

A strong data governance framework can be the difference between success and failure in today’s business world.

Good data is the lifeblood of your organization. As data volume continues to rise, your ability to manage it could increasingly spell the difference between success and failure. Data governance is a framework that helps businesses ensure that they’re managing their data efficiently and effectively. Data governance encompasses all the people, processes, and technology that…

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All You Need to Know About Anomaly Detection

One red egg in a field of white eggs, illustrating anomaly detection.

Maintaining data quality is important to any organization. One effective way to improve the quality of your firm’s data is to employ anomaly detection. This technique identifies data outliers that are likely to be irrelevant or inaccurate.  Understanding how anomaly detection works can help you improve your company’s overall data quality – and provide more…

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12 Top Data Governance Tools & Software for 2023

A magnifying glass looks at bits of data as a kind of data governance tool.

Is your organization looking to employ new data governance tools in the coming year? Data governance is necessary to ensure the accurate and reliable information your company needs to make the best possible business decisions. When you want robust data governance, here are 10 top-rated software solutions to consider, all of which can help your…

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