Case Studies

How DataBuck Automated Cloud Data Quality at Fortune-1,000 Companies

These are the learnings from many Cloud Data Quality (DQ) implementations at Fortune-1000 customers. They automated 80% of DQ validation process using AI/ML to detect data errors upstream and stopped it from spreading to their business partners.

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Increase Data Quality Productivity by 2x and Reduce Cost by 50%

Top-3 US Bank with Over $1.5 Trillion in assets, reduces operational and regulatory reporting risk by leveraging DataBuck to monitor 15,000+ data assets.

Money from a bank using data monitoring software

Reduce Financial Reporting Risk and Cost of Validating Financial Data Warehouses with AI/ML Powered Data Quality

Top 3 global Networking Equipment provider reduces financial reporting risk by leveraging DataBuck to monitor 800+ data assets in its financial data warehouse and reconciling financial information.

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Bank Increases Trust, Reduces Risk and Solves the Laborious DQ Problems Automatically with AI/ML

Top-3 Bank in Africa reduces financial crime risk by leveraging DataBuck to monitor client data spanning over 300 data assets in its Data Lake.

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Autonomous Healthcare Data Quality Validation Accelerates Data Onboarding and Prevents Costly Data Cleanups

Top 3 Telemedicine and Healthcare company reduces data risk and transforms its data pipeline by leveraging DataBuck to monitor eligibility files received from 250+ Hospitals comprising of millions of records in real-time

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KYC Through Better KYD (Data)

A multinational bank reduced its regulatory compliance risk by configuring DataBuck to improve the completeness and accuracy of KYC data.


  • Mismatched views of the multi-country banking data flowing into the data lake daily.
  • The KYC initiative was stalling as invalid or nonstandard contact information made the customers unreachable.
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Increase Data Trust and Accelerate Cloud Adoption with Automated Data Quality Validation

A life insurance and Annuities Company was able to save computation time by more than 67% while ensuring referential integrity, completeness of the data movement, and the logic of financial numbers with the help of DataBuck

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Most Common Top-10 Data Quality Needs Solved for Pharmaceutical Companies

A pharma company was receiving over 70 different sources of data from several healthcare providers. DataBuck’s out-of-the-box, pharma-specific capabilities solved their top-10 needs for pharmaceutical data validation.

Common Top-10 Data Quality Needs Solved for Pharmaceutical Companies