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Deep Dive on Data Quality Automation- 3 Tools to Consider

Deep Dive on Data Quality Automation

Eckerson Group Report, May 2022


Traditional techniques for ensuring data quality break at scale. As organizations deal with the ever-growing volume and velocity of data, data engineering teams can't keep up, leading business users to view their reports and dashboard with skepticism. Without trust in data, organizations struggle to become data-driven. Thankfully, machine learning (ML) offers a way forward. By using ML algorithms to automate aspects of the data quality workload, organizations can reassert control over their data pipelines and ensure that the data that business users consume is reliable no matter the quantity of data under management.


There are many ways to tackle data quality automation, however. This report profiles three tools that each take a different approach to reduce the burden of ensuring data quality. It gives data leaders context to better understand the strategies for data quality automation and to choose the approach best suited to the requirements of their organizations.

-Joe Hilleary, Eckerson Group

Eckerson Group Report

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Read this report to learn:

  • The components of data quality
  • How companies can build trust in their data
  • Why automated data quality tools are the answer to ensuring reliability at scale

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Eckerson Group Report recommends  DataBuck is ideal for customers who:

  • Want to automate the discovery and writing of the majority of their data quality rules.
  • Need a data quality solution for a cloud data lake environment
  • Would like to apply data quality checks at multiple stages of data pipelines
  • Require a solution that performs data quality analysis where that data resides.

FirstEigen and Alation

FirstEigen and Alation partnership to boost seamless integration of autonomously generated Data Trust Scores into Data Catalog

Feb 16, 2022 - Data Quality validation leaders FirstEigen have announced their partnership with Alation, experts in enterprise data catalog and data governance. FirstEigen's software DataBuck provides a Data Trust Score for every data asset on the Alation catalog, autonomously, and without human intervention or complex integration efforts.

Alation’s active data governance helps organizations drive data culture by democratizing data discovery and access for all users, regardless of technical skillset. FirstEigen complements their investment in the data catalog and governance platform by providing objective view on the health and usability of the data asset.

Seth Rao, the CEO, FirstEigen, emphasized that "it's not sufficient for Data Catalogs to operate in a silo. Companies can get greater value if they get an objective data trust score for every data asset. A system where individuals give subjective opinions on trustworthiness of data is a beauty contest that is not scalable when 1,000's of data sets have to be validated constantly."

The FirstEigen-Alation partnership will benefit their growing customer base with:

  • Greater trust in the data and the catalog with the availability of standardized, objective Data Trust Scores for every data asset
  • Lower data maintenance costs by automating a labor-intensive task from 4-6 weeks per data set to a few mins
  • Easy to democratize data within the corporation
  • Easy to integrate and implement the catalog and data quality tools

Want to know more about how the FirstEigen and Alation partnership will help organizations? Contact us for more information.

First Eigen

About FirstEigen

FirstEigen is the creator of award-winning software DataBuck, which detects data quality errors without coding by leveraging AI/ML. Machine Learning powers Data Quality testing and Data Matching to automatically set thousands of automated data validation checks and their thresholds. Executed on a Spark platform with specialized algorithms, DataBuck is >10x faster than any traditional approach.

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alation logo

About Alation

Alation is the leader in enterprise data intelligence solutions including data search & discovery, data governance, data stewardship, analytics, and digital transformation. Alation’s initial offering dominates the data catalog market. Thanks to its powerful Behavioral Analysis Engine, inbuilt collaboration capabilities, and open interfaces, Alation combines machine learning with human insight to successfully tackle even the most demanding challenges in data and metadata management.

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