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complex data analysis

Complex Data Analysis: Processes and Tools

Complex data analysis is necessary to help businesses and other organizations make sense of and use all the information they ...
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data catalog

Data Catalog 101: 6 Benefits for Your Organization

How organized is your firm’s data? Dealing with unorganized raw data can impact your company’s efficiency, productivity, and ability to ...
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Data Trustability

Establish autonomous data observability and trustability for AWS Glue Pipeline in 60 Seconds

Data operations and engineering teams spend 30-40% of their time firefighting data issues raised by business stakeholders. A large percentage ...
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Why service level agreements are important to ensure high-quality data and how to create a data quality SLA for internal or external use.

The Importance of Maintaining Data Quality with SLAs

High-quality data is important to the operation of every organization, but how do you best ensure the data quality? One ...
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Data Quality Programs

Why do Data Quality Programs Fail?

Fortune 1000 organizations spend approximately $5 billion each year to improve the trustworthiness of data. Yet only 42 percent of ...
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data engineering

7 Data Engineering Principles You Should Be Aware Of

What is data engineering, and why is it important? Data engineering is about turning the data you collect into data ...
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