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Digital image representing Informatica data quality.

Data Trust Scores and Circuit Breakers: Powering Data Pipeline Integrity

Data Pipeline Circuit Breakers: Ensuring Data Trust with Unity Catalog  Databricks users get a free autonomous data validation add-on In ...
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Data lakes and data warehouses

Simpler Data Access and Controls with Unity Catalog 

Foreword: The below blog post is being reproduced on our website with permission from as it closely intertwines with ...
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Artistic representation of validating data on Databricks.

The Top 5 Challenges of Validating Data on Databricks and How to Overcome Them

If your work revolves around data management, chances are you’ve become familiar with validating data on Databricks. A popular cloud ...
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Conceptual representation of IoT analytics.

What Is Plaguing IoT Data? (+ Tips to Get Accurate IoT Analytics)

Around the globe, the number of connected devices forming the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly, with current projections ...
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Green quality key on a keyboard symbolizing Informatica data quality.

Benefits of Complementing Informatica with a Data Quality Add-On

How important is data quality to your organization? Accurate, reliable data is imperative for smooth operations and informed business decisions. ...
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Deploy Data Quality tools/Data Trust Monitors Across Pipelines to Reduce Dark Data

Seth Rao, CEO of FirstEigen, speaks about building a data trustability platform, ensuring data trustworthiness, the importance of a data ...
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