Authenticate Cloud Data Pipeline with Autonomous Data Trustability Validation

How does DataBuck help authenticate the Data Pipeline?

DataBuck is an autonomous Data Trustability validation solution, purpose-built for validating data in the pipeline.

  • 1,000’s of Data Trustability and Quality checks are auto-discovered and recommended.
  • Thresholds for those checks are auto-recommended by the Artificial Intelligence program.
  • Business users can adjust thresholds in a self-service dashboard, without IT involvement.
  • Data Trust Score is auto-calculated for every file and table.
  • The Data pipeline can be controlled by the Data Trust Score of the overall file or any individual Data Quality dimension.
  • Errors can be stopped from contaminating downstream data by robust data pipeline control.

DataBuck as Part of the Pipeline

A) Run DataBuck on ADF (Azure Data Factory), AWS Glue, Databricks, Talend, DBT, Fivetran, Matillion, Informatica or any ETL tool that supports rest API/Python

B) Integrate with enterprise scheduling system (e.g. Autosys)

C) Use the built-in scheduler

Benefit of automating Data Trustability and Quality validation with Machine Learning

Get drinkable, crystal clear stream of data from the pipeline along with these benefits…

People Productivity

People productivity
boost >80%

Reduction in unexpected errors

Reduction in unexpected errors: 70%

Cost reduction

Cost reduction >50%

Time reduction to onboard data set

Time reduction to onboard data set ~90%

Increase in processing speed

Increase in processing speed >10x

Cloud native

Cloud native

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