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Trusted data w/o coding

Data that cannot be trusted will

  • Produce inaccurate analytics and reports, and poor business decisions.
  • Cause loss of confidence in the IT team’s abilities
  • Increase data rework and cost of operations to fix bad data by over 10x


DataBuck helps Data Management teams validate complex data by using automated, no-code ML to detect data errors before they infect multiple systems downstream without needing to hire and train teams of staff OR develop a custom solution on their own. Without coding or human touch, DataBuck objectively establishes Data Trust Reports for every dataset from Lake to consumption (L2C). This:

  • Will create transparency to Data Trustability throughout the pipeline
  • Will cut data rework efforts by 90%
  • Increase analytical models’ accuracy by 70%

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DataBuck is recognized by Gartner and IDC as the most innovative DQ validation software.