Automatic Data Quality Rule Discovery and Continuous Data Monitoring

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2018 IDC Innovator Award in Data Quality

AI/ML-powered Data Quality validation tool, DataBuck, was recognized by IDC for innovative solution in the DQ space. DataBuck’s AI/ML-powered business rule discovery automates a tedious, labor intensive and time consuming process for validating Data Quality from 6-9 months to just a few days.
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2017 Gartner Cool Vendor Award

An innovative tool that Gartner has recognized has the potential to change the big Data landscape. Big Data Quality Validation and Data Matching is done autonomously and effortlessly by Machine Learning algorithms that learn the expected behavior of data without manual intervention. Without coding, Data Quality deviations are picked out.

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Machine Learning-Guided Big Data Quality and Reconciliation Tool

DataBuck can validate your Big Data autonomously and at 10x speed of any other data validation tool or your own custom scripts. Clean data in 3 clicks and no-coding.
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Our Product & Services


Data inconsistencies and errors slowly creep in over time or as it moves between IT systems. FirstEigen’s DataBuck simplifies Data Quality error identification process from months to just 20mins. Powered by AI/ML algorithms it automatically learns data’s expected behavior and applies thousands of data validation checks without needing any coding. It also complements existing checks users may have in place, as it identifies additional unanticipated data quality errors from multiple data sets in just a few Clicks. It’s specialized in-memory, parallel processing algorithms deliver >10x speed over any other tool.

DataBuck is compatible with all major platforms (SQL/no-SQL/Hadoop/Cloud) and can elegantly handle both regular and Big Data.

Data Cleansing Services

A list of high quality analytics services and packages we offer. Choose any one or a group of services to improve your business right away.

Predictive Analytic Services

Predictive Analytics

Get actionable insights to your business from our team of former management consultants, corporate executives and data scientists. We make it hassle-free and you can use the predictive models long after we are gone.

Our Partners

Transform Your Business

“… analytics returned an average of $13.01 for each dollar spent this year, that’s up from 2011, when analytics yielded returns averaging $10.66”
– 2014 ANALYTICS MARKET SURVEY, September 2014

We Believe Decisions should be more than just a “gut feel”.

We believe every business context is unique and needs to look at and leverage data in an individualized manner. Built like a glove, hassle-free and dependable.

Your success depends on focused execution of your core. We complement you by focusing on our core. We believe that mobilizing your data to work for you should not be a herculean task needing IT infrastructure investment or the need for you to develop new capabilities in data science. Our veteran team is designed to make our partners successful.

We believe in the power of our data scientists for your business.

Why Choose FirstEigen

  • Advanced AI/ML Data Quality software- Picked by Gartner and IDC as the best-of-breed in DQ solutions. Lessens work load by 80% on data stewards, SME’s and IT resources for creating DQ rules
  • Get trusted data in a few clicks, w/o writing rules or coding
  • Accelerators for DQ checks operationalization- reduces DQ effort from 9 months to 9 days
  • Scale out DQ rule writing to 1000’s of data sets effortlessly using AI/ML
  • We can also provide consultants with specific DQ expertise and certified in implementing our AI/ML software for DQ


Great team to work with. Their can-do attitude is very infectious. The quality of work delivered is outstanding.
Partner, Market Research and Consulting Firm
This is a group that you should definitely consider for your analytics needs. They were instrumental in making big contributions with work we did for Big Box US retailers.
CEO, US Fashion Consulting Firm
I was mighty impressed with the expertise around management consulting and abilities in envisioning a complete solution that they brought to the table. With their help, we could deliver an excellent and implementable solution in a relatively time crunched environment. It was a great partnering experience for us.
Analytics Leader, Fortune 500 Technology Company

How Machine Learning can minimize risk of erroneous data

Our Self-Learning algorithms autonomously sieve out Big Data for errors so you know you have absolutely, positively trustworthy data always. They work silently in the background all the time, understanding your data and let you know if there is real deviant data or loss of Big Data Quality

In The News

Press Release

FirstEigen Certified On MapR Converged Data Platform

FirstEigen Certified On MapR Converged Data Platform Provides trusted data in a few clicks to MapR cluster Feb 12th 2018 — FirstEigen announced today that [...]


 AUTONOMOUS BIG DATA QUALITY VALIDATION TOOL WINS GARTNER COOL VENDOR AWARD CHICAGO – June 8, 2017 – Machine Learning has enabled the ability to autonomously validate Big Data Quality [...]

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