How to Scale Your Data Quality Operations with AI and ML

scale data quality operations

How can you cost-effectively scale your data quality operations as your business scales? The key is to employ artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that can take on an increasing amount of the data quality management chores as they learn more about your organization’s data. It’s all in the about making the best use of…

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3 Top Big Data Uses in Financial Services

First Eigen

Data warehouses, lakes, and cloud services are notoriously error prone. In the financial services (FinServ) sector, this is unacceptable. Unmonitored, unvalidated, and unreliable data places these firms at risk due to the sensitive nature of the big data they manage. If your FinServ firm needs solutions for its dark data issues, you’ll need to learn…

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Why the Fortune 500 is Dumping Hadoop

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Saw this very informative article on the ongoing demise of Hadoop. Our customers are experiencing the same conditions the author Nicole Hemsoth is referencing. Here is a summary of the longer article. Summary Why did it grow initially? 2010-2015: Hadoop was touted for its incredible analytics performance and cost savings compared to the then dominant…

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