Three Key Misconceptions Of Data Quality

Increasingly more corporate boards and executives understand the importance of data for improved business performance. However, the majority of the data in enterprises is of poor quality. According to a report in Harvard Business Review, just 3% of the data in a business enterprise meets quality standards. Joint research by IBM and Carnegie Mellon University…

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Data Lake Vs. Data Warehouse: 3 Core Differences

Data lakes and data warehouses

Picture this: You’re a chef preparing a special meal tomorrow. You have all the ingredients you need today, but now you have to decide where (and how) to store them. Do you put everything in neat, organized containers in the fridge (like a data warehouse), or do you keep them all in one big pot…

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Strategies for Achieving Data Quality in the Cloud

Data Quality in the Cloud

Previously published in You’ve finally moved to the Cloud. Congratulations! But now that your data is in the Cloud, can you trust it?  With more and more applications moving to the cloud, the quality of data is becoming a growing concern. Erroneous data can cause all sorts of problems for businesses, including decreased efficiency,…

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Data Discovery and Its Applications in Business Intelligence

data discovery business intelligence

How do data discovery and business intelligence work together? The two analytic tools are similar in approach even though they have subtly different uses in your organization. Data discovery has growing applications in business intelligence – if you know how to integrate the two tools. Quick Takeaways Business intelligence and data discovery both consolidate data…

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