We partner with our clients and act as extensions of their team

Our engagement model comprise of both short-term and long-term engagements. Often its a partnership, wherein the FirstEigen team becomes the analytical extension of our clients’ teams. We collectively agree on the key opportunities that the FirstEigen team needs to drive, and re-assess these periodically with our clients, along with the results of each of the workstreams. Each workstream has a clearly laid out project plan, which usually involves weekly touch points.

On short-term engagements, we offer our analytical bandwidth to the client as and when required by them.

For a new client, we recommend doing a pilot project before entering into aVenn Diag- viable options long-term engagement. For this, we work with you in identifying a suitable opportunity for us to focus on. The initial engagement can often be a quick proof of concept (POC) for your idea. This POC can generate multiple viable options for you to pursue. It also minimizes the cost and increases the buy-in from the rest of the executive team for validating your idea.

We start from the fundamentals of the problem you want solved and build a tailor-made solution that fits your business context perfectly. We take your complex data from multiple systems and turn them into actionable insights to make your business more profitable, efficient and/or increase customer loyalty. Our sophisticated machine learning algorithms will glean good intelligence from data and identify viable options most suitable for your context.

We have advised clients in areas including:

  • Demand forecast
  • Propensity to buy
  • Location Analytics
  • Promotion spend & offer optimization
  • Assortment & Allocation optimization
  • Churn minimization
  • Key information extraction from text

How We Engage

Our long-term engagement model is one of partnership. In order to build and deliver the most appropriate analytical insight-models we thoroughly understand the business requirements and the product set-up requirements. The training data is collated from multiple systems as needed, cleaned and harmonized and used to build a few different analytical insight-models. They are each evaluated for their robustness and the accuracy in reflecting the business relationships. We present our findings to you on the most appropriate analytical insight-model we should adopt. Once we have your buy-in, our team codes the model and gets it production ready. We then deploy the model for your team to access it from anywhere and use it on an ongoing basis with the latest data you collect.

How we engage


Our multi-national clients span these markets:

  • Brand
  • Financial Services 
  • Manufacturers
  • Retail
  • Telecom

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