FirstEigen Certified On MapR Converged Data Platform

Provides trusted data in a few clicks to MapR cluster

Feb 12th 2018 FirstEigen announced today that its software DataBuck has been certified with the MapR Converged Data Platform. The MapR® Converged Data Platform is an enterprise-grade software solution that stores, analyzes, and manages data across multiple locations with security, availability, high performance and multi-tenancy. FirstEigen’s DataBuck is a Data Quality and Data Integrity assurance tool that validates data by automatically learning the business rules and operationalizes it with minimal intervention.

Organizations are creating global data fabrics and repositories to leverage and gain insights from all their data. When unchecked, unexpected data errors creep into these repositories, accumulate over time and push it out of sync with other data sources. MapR partner FirstEigen’s DataBuck ensures that data in MapR is trustable, reliable and in sync with other sources at all times.

“FirstEigen combined with MapR enhances the performance and reliability of big data applications and operations in a trusted environment,” said, MapR. “Our joint enterprise customers will benefit from quantifying their data quality and a reduction in data errors for managing next gen applications on the MapR Converged Data Platform.”

“FirstEigen’s DataBuck will make it extremely easy for MapR users to validate the quality and integrity of their data. With just a few people need to implement the Data Quality program, in less than a tenth of time, and yet result in fewer data errors is an enormous jump in efficiency for the users”, said Seth Rao, CEO, FirstEigen. MapR ecosystem can now enable users to get clean data very quickly and effortlessly.



About MapR Technologies

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About FirstEigen

FirstEigen is a market leader in Big Data Quality and Data Integrity assurance. Their software DataBuck is the first to incorporate AI/ML to validate big data autonomously. It can identify unanticipated data quality errors in just a few Clicks without any coding. It’s recognized by Gartner, IDC and Intellyx for a very superior Data Quality and Data Integrity assurance product. Gartner picked FirstEigen as one of 3 Cool Vendor’s globally for their innovative DataBuck. IDC recognized FirstEigen as one of the top vendors for Data Lake Quality assurance solutions.

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