… Retailer curated coupons to increase “halo sales”

Coupon book-2

Business Challenge

  • A top retailer wanted to offer a new coupon booklet program to selected 3 million existing customers (out of 10+ MM) on a quarterly basis.
  • Each customer would be offered 10 coupons from a list of 80 offers. The coupons in the booklet needed to be customized for each customer.
  • The objective was to increase purchases of ‘associated’ items that the customer did not regularly buy

Analytics Approach

  • Development of business rules to identify target customers based on historical purchases of over 250 million records and multi-channel behavior
  • Coupon offer allocation rule that identified coupon offers based on historical purchase pattern (‘buyer coupon’) and based on association rules (‘non-buyer coupon’)
  • Development of coupon authentication rules and files at the point of purchase for IT system

 Coupon book-1