… for an auto Dealership

Location analyt


Business Challenge

The client, an auto dealership, wanted to

  • Segment the customers based on their in-store behavior
  • Understand the effectiveness of their sales force

Analytics Approach

  • WiFi triangulation provided customer’s and staff’s location (X, Y), time stamp and Device ID
  • Customer’s and staff movement were superimposed on dealership’s planogram including: Sales Region, Service Region, new lot & used lot
  • Sales write-ups region, dealership staff SDID (Service, Sales & Support SDIDs), stagnant device SDID and other relevant data points were used as input


  • Dealership got clear insight into its guests, including estimate of day-wise total population of valid Customer Groups visiting the dealership
  • Customers were segmented based on behavior and purpose of visit as:
    • Sales customer, point in the sales funnel based on visit history
    • Service customer
    • Hybrid customer: visits both service & sales regions
  • Sales force effectiveness was estimated using length of customer interaction, number of demos, count of Sales write ups that occur during a workday, etc.
  • This helped develop best practices for staff training for higher effectiveness